The Weingast Bar Mitzvah Family Spotlight

He had a Rockmitzvah!

Rockmitzvah is a full service live musical ensemble of real rock and roll musicians. They created an exciting, positive and customized musical experience for all of the Weingasts’ guests.

Jacob rehearsed with the band and starred in the show. The band’s singer also functioned as a cool “MC” and ran the entire party from the horah and montage to the candle lighting.


Rockmitzvah: Shining A Real Spotlight On Your Teen

There’s cool, and then there’s really cool. Imagine that studying for the big day takes on an added dimension – rehearsing for a post-haftorah concert performance. How about a little “school of rock” alongside Hebrew School to celebrate this rite of passage? That’s what Rockmitzvah is all about.


“...and today you are a man,”

the Rabbi exclaims as your child smiles wide, a sense of accomplishment, history, tradition and price filling the senses. Kisses, handshakes, smiles, bulb flashes, and congratulations swirl generously in the sanctuary, and a quick glance to the bak of the hall reveals dozens of squealing teens bolting for the exits, inanticipation of the most unique celebration of the season.


Rock ‘n’ Roll With a Twist

Let’s get one thing straight: Rockmitzvah is not your typical party band.

Two years ago, professional musician and Irvington resident Marc Jacoby answered a Craigslist posting looking for a rock band willing to perform with a young man preparing to became a bar mitzvah. The family wanted something different; something other than the ubiquitous soccer-themed celebrations with the same DJs, prdictable games and over-the-top swag bags; something that truly celebrated their son’s artistic individuality and transition into adulthood. They also wanted an interactive experience that would undeniably and unequivocally rock.


A rockin’ simcha

Here’s something new: Kids can now perfom with their own bar/bat mitzvah band.

Is your son the next Eric Clapton or Neil Peart? Is your daughter an aspiring Sheryl Crow or Patty Smith?

If your bar or bat mitzvah child is musically inclined, then Rockmitzvah, a group of four professional musicians from Westchester, may be the perfect band to play at your simcha.


Bar and bat mitzvahs where the kids perform

Jacob DeVito of Rockville Centre played the drums with Rockmitzvah, a specially formed band of professional musicians that allows the bar or bat mitzvah child to perform with them for 20 to 90 percent of the event. "It was pretty epic, I gotta admit," says Jacob, who played songs by The White Stripes, The Who and Black Sabbath during his reception at The Sands on Lido Beach.