Music Industry All-Stars

The Blue Roadhouse Orchestra, commonly referred to by friends and fans as BRO, is a constantly shifting gathering of music industry all-star recording and touring artists. The concept emerged in the early 90's when Marc Jacoby (aka MJB Fresh) migrated to the suburbs of NYC to raise children and play music.

The earliest BRO incarnations featured Billy Sokol, Carla Capretto, Pete Min, Andy Ladue, Doc C Crutchfield, Mic Redmond, Jeff Eldredge, Chris Merola among others. Membership goes a few dozen deep and ensembles are customized to suit clients' needs.

Not far into the mix, guitarist and vocalist Cliff Mays and drummer Jim Weingast joined the BRO ensemble. Cliff and Jim brought a number of amazing musicians into the BRO fold including Jeff Reich and Doug Derryberry. A decade of great jams and amazing celebrations followed before Marc, Cliff, Jim and Jeff formed Rockmitzvah.

BRO continues to appear in its various forms on the creative performance landscape of the greater New York metropolitan region. Contact us for your wedding, event, party, parade, reunion or fundraiser. We are guaranteed to get folks dancing, shaking, rattling and rolling.