Marc Jacoby, Cliff Mays, Jim Weingast and Jeff Reich are well known regional musicians and educators. Hundreds of families and their children have participated in instruction, enrichment or performance with these four professionals for over 15 years. They have combined their individual talents to create ROCKMITZVAH, the most unique customized musical experience on the Bar/Bat Mitzvah scene today.

Marc Jacoby

A Columbia Recording Artist from 1985-1990 with Pilgrim Souls, Marc toured nationally, released two major label CDs, and appeared in MTV music video on 120 Minutes. In his latest incarnation as Marc the Music Man, Marc adds to his talents Early Childhood Musical Enrichment Specialist. For 35 years, Marc has studied and performed guitar, bass, banjo, mandolin and vocals.

Clifford Mays

Cliff is a multi-instrumentalist who has performed in nearly every facet of the music business. Cliff currently teaches and leads clinics on several instruments to private students throughout Westchester, NY. A composer for film and TV, Cliff has had dozens of songs recorded for CD by various groups. He has toured the U.S. and Canada with Heydevils, Great Red Shark and The Dude of Life.

Jim Weingast

Jim has been drumming since 1987. He has recorded, performed, and toured with various indie and major label acts including Dude of Life (lyricist for Phish) and Great Red Shark. He is the Music Director of Westchester Day Jams Rock and Roll Day Camp. He has been a musical instructor since 1992. Jim is the owner, operator, engineer and producer of a home studio which he designed and built.

Jeff Reich

Jeff has been playing music for the better part of thirty years on various instruments. He has recorded, performed, and toured with various indie and major label acts. He is a practicing attorney in White Plains, NY and is currently involved in many musical projects in and around the New York metropolitan area.