Late one evening back in 2007, Marc Jacoby came across a Craigslist ad placed by a family in search of a real band to 'jam' with their child at his upcoming Bar Mitzvah celebration.

That night at a studio session with his rock & roll buddies, Cliff, Jim & Jeff, Marc brought up the idea of helping this family out. Everyone agreed it sounded pretty cool. The very next evening, the family made the trek to a warehouse in Yonkers to meet the band. After much music, laughing and smiles all around, a contract was worked out and history was made! A 13 year old man-child made plans for a true rite of passage — to rock out on stage with real, touring, major label musicians.

The party was a huge success. Driving home over the George Washington Bridge, drummer Jim "Iggy" Weingast, coined the term "Rockmitzvah." Word spread about the great party with the real rock & roll band and they started getting calls from other families. After a few more rocking Rockmitzvahs, Jeff Reich, bassist and attorney by day, trademarked the name to be shared by the partners. A concept was born. It has been quite a journey over the years.

* Because every child is unique, every Rockmitzvah is a custom fit *